Coloured or transparent – Can be applied universally on PVC, linoleum, rubber, epoxy, PU as well as on many wood floors. On-top sealer provides optimal. Please refer to for detailed instructions and the PU Sealer (Approx. g/m²) on larger surfaces. B – Lacquer roller Aquatop. Stain Remover; Protective Agents; Preparation; PU Sealers for Long Term Protection; Additives for PU Sealers; Conventional Hard Sealers; Floor Care & Refreshers. strip-cleaning and the subsequent sealing with the PU Sealer product (PU Sealer/Waxnomor, PU technical applications, or visit our website under Schutz, eukula, scratchnomore. Dr. Schutz PU NEO · Dr. Schutz PU Sealer / Waxnomor · Dr. Schutz PU Anticolor / Marknomor · Dr. Schutz UV PU Sealer / UV Waxnomor.

Especially suited to maintain floors treated with PU Sealer, PU Antislip or PU Anticolor. COVERAGE: 0,1l / sqm. ASK FOR A PRICE. Customers who viewed this item also viewed · Dr Schutz PU Cleaner 5L. Breadcrumb · Home · projects · floor protection using uv pu sealer dr schutz. Dr. Schutz. CC-Cork Floor Clean & Care. Mild detergent. JohnsonDiversey. Rapid D 6. Mild 2 Components PU Sealer. JohnsonDiversey. Jontec Barniz. Protector/. Resilient flooring with a polyurethane factory finish or treated with PU Sealer, Antislip or The above advice on procedure for use is based. is the priority, rather than higher resistance to chemicals, then it is preferable to use Dr. Schutz PU Sealer. -. Floor coverings made of PVC and LVT with. SchutzPro NE provides regional distribution of Dr Schutz polyurethane-based flooring finishes, anti-slip floor coatings, stain-resistant flooring sealer. Schutz PU Sealer. High cleaning power, even on residues contai- ning grease Please note the product information available at: und • Dr Schutz PU Cleaner. Recommend Dilution: • Recommended Pads: • Red Pad For this purpose the floor should be sealed with Dr Schutz PU Sealer. This. Made for resilient floor coverings, either factory coated Polyurethane or treated with a Polyurethane sealer. For very deep scratches. How to Apply Scratch. Dr Schutz renovates a hospital floor with our PU colour which is available in colours. Dr Schutz anti microbial certificated chemical resistant sealer.

Recommended for all kinds of ESD flooring made of PVC, Linoleum or epoxy resin before and after protection with Dr. Schutz ESD. Long Life PU Sealer. Excellent. Hardwearing sealer film, excellent elasticity and good resistance against colourless chemicals. Only available for trained professionals. Schutz PU Sealer /Waxnomor and Dr. Schutz PU Anticolor/ Marknomor. Addition to the base lacquer up to 20% possible. Easy to use. Effective in result. Dr Schutz PU Sealer with anti-slip additive over existing marble floor. Wet PTV value of 36+. Deep clean, repair and seal all within a day. Dr Schutz Approved Applicator - professional hard wearing coating of all hard floors with PU Sealer, Anti-Stain and Anti-Slip. 3 Year Warranty. The PU Sealer hermetically seals joints in the surface preventing growth of bacteria and Dr. Schutz aftercare cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting products. Polymer sealer containing polyurethane for PVC, LVT, VCT and linoleum commercial floors; Protects the flooring with an elastic, shiny care film which. For the coloured design of resilient floor coverings in need of renovation, and resin screed floors before their final coating with Dr. Schutz PU Sealer or. For regular maintenance of floors with a polyurethane factory finish or treated with PU Sealer, PU Antislip or PU Anticolor. Dilute with water in a ratio of 1.

The PU sealer extra matt, Parador / Dr. Schutz, for Parador vinyl flooring is a recommended additional protection. The water-based 2-component polyurethane. Pictures show newly laid rubber flooring in a school environment protected with a long-term finish from Dr. Schutz. PU Sealer in Satin gloss-. The Dr Schutz PU Sealer range also includes PU Antislip and PU. Anticolor. For more information, tel- ephone or visit www. Schutz Cleaners. Maintenance and Cleaning Recommendations USING Dr. Schutz Cleaners. Schutz Cleaner: Is a special active cleaner for use on new floors. With PU Color and a PU Sealer on top old floors look like new again and are PEERLESS JAL. Raglan Street. Preston.

PU Sealer floor coating, floor protection and floor sealing by Dr. Schutz

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